Friday, August 03, 2007


It took about two-hour drive from Shenyang to Dandong, a small and quiet city. Maybe it's most famous for the Yalu River and the Korean War.

There is a new bridge on the river, and an old bridge bombed by the US in the Korean War.

There are people in a faraway country we never know.

Changbai Mountain

Since we always went wrong way, it took me almost a whole day's drive to the Changbai Mountain from Shenyang. Heaven Lake is so splendid, so are the valleys, the falls, the rivers, the springs and the flowers. It's really really a great place to enjoy.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Shenyang is not far from Beijing, only four-hour train or one-four flight. Since it is not a big city, I mobbed the city last Friday just as planned, starting from Wulihe and ending at Mukden Palace. Later I took a drive to Liutiaohu and Beiling (the tomb of Huang Taji). The next day I visited Yongling (tombs of Ancestors of Nurhaci) in Fushun, a nearby city.

There are many amazing Manchu characteristics. For example, the Mukden palace resembles Manchu tents, rather a different style from that of the Forbidden City.

Besides, loongs/dragons are usually flying in Chinese culture. However, I saw some sitting loongs in Yongling, which were said to have evolved from dogs.

Here are some snapshots.