Monday, December 25, 2006

We're at the Top of the World

It's the ending song of recent American Pie 5: The Naked Mile, released in 2000 by The Juliana Theory.

We're at the top of the world, you and I
We've got a lot of time and it sure feels right
Cause you reached in your pocket and pulled out a pass
Says you can take me anywhere

Sha la la la sha la la la sha la la la la la la

We're on the top of the world, here tonight
We've got a lot of time and it sure feels right
Cause I'm up here running behind you
I'm up here running in repeat

Monday, December 18, 2006

iPod nano

The vacation is coming, and friends in the States are getting back. This Sunday afternoon superhog and I met riki at the airport, who was back from Stanford. It's said that in an hour beckwo also arrived from Pittsburgh. The nowhereman couple are currently having fun in the southwest. Ho, partita will be back from Hong Kong soon.

Thanks to riki that I've got my iPod nano with an armband, and my Froogle wish list comes to empty. It's really cute and cool, though a black body with white in-ear headphones is a little weird. superhog has got a green iPod nano and fishy prefers a red one. Anyway, just enjoy.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Flood for Win32

Flood is an HTTP load tester provided by Apache. It's built on APR that should be portable across platforms. Here are some instructions that I figured out this afternoon on how to build it on Win32.

First check out the code from its repository. Remember to get APR ready. You can find a VC project file for flood. Just open it and compile, and it fails. That's OK.

1. Copy to config.h. Comment or fill macro definitions as you wish.

2. In flood_round_robin.c there's an include for regex.h. Look for any POSIX compatible regex library for Win32, such as GNU regex or PCRE. Refer to GnuWin32 if you don't want to compile from the source. I used the pre-compiled PCRE from GnuWin32.

3. Flood now should be compiled sucessfully. Try the shipped examples. If it crashes, look into "farmer_worker" function in flood_farm.c and uncomment the call to apr_thread_exit at the end due to some cleanup mess with apr_thread_join/apr_thread_exit on Win32.

One more word: if sample bash scripts cannot run in cygwin, replace all "\r\n" by "\n" in them. That's it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


After all the messy debugging stuff, I spent two amazing hours this afternoon in Nirvana with mystery and spiderman, a popular health club located quite near our campus. It's my first time to enjoy those equipments. Just running on a treadmill and seeing the sun getting down, wow, that's really cool. Usually I'd like to take a run in the evening on the Stadium. However, in winters and springs of Beijing it sucks due to bad weather, especially the well-known sandstorms that are so perfect to enjoy. I'm still considering whether to join them now, for it's really busy with projects this month.